Waterton Wildflower Couple Session

Brett and Tela joined me on a stormy summer evening in Waterton among the wildflowers. I was obviously so excited about the storm clouds, but near the end of the evening the sun peeked out just enough to catch that golden summer glow. Not bad Waterton, not bad.

You’ll want to scroll through all of these images, because they are some of my favourites. Brett and Tela were so sweet and fun to capture, as you will see in the photos of course!

Here’s a little background about why this is one of my favourite sessions. In September of 2017, Waterton was devastated by a wildfire that took over most of the park. But what it left behind the following summer was more beautiful than I could even imagine.

The wildflowers this past summer were nothing like I had ever seen in the area before, at least from what I can remember. In some areas the charred ground remains, but the new growth is truly incredible. Personally, I think we are so lucky to have witnessed such an event; because we have the privilege of also witnessing the amazing transformation that is going to take place over the coming years. And if the views continue to blow my mind like they have before, I don’t want to miss it.

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