Summer Bridals in Waterton Park

Dyson + Christina tied the knot in early August of last year, but we headed out to the mountains a couple weeks after their wedding day to capture them in the beauty of the Rockies.

This is the first time a bride + groom has requested to do their photos on a different day, and I absolutely loved it. It gave us the freedom to go to any location, and tons of time. I would highly recommend it!

August is usually wildfire season around here. A lot of the time Alberta doesn’t get many fires, but the wind blows the smoke and ash into Alberta from BC and the US. When I was heading out to Waterton for Dyson + Christina’s bridal session, I drove through Pincher Creek. When I got about half way to Waterton, all I could see was an orange haze and ash floating all around me. I couldn’t see the mountains, let alone like 10 feet in front of my car. I remember texting Christina saying- it’s a weeee bit smokey out here!

But as luck would have it, we pulled into the park and the mountains finally revealed themselves, the smoke creating a soft haze through the valley. The skies continued to open up throughout the evening, and the conditions were an absolute dream. You can’t go wrong with a cutie couple in the mountains and a warm sunset.

Dress – Venustas Couture

Hair – Matlin McMurray

Makeup – Selena Surmik

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