Intimate In Home Couple Session

I first came across The Open Trunk Workshop when Ashia posted something about the January one on her Instagram story. I had been wanting to do an in home couples session for a while, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to create something different – so I signed up! Also, I’ll jump at any chance to photograph Ashia + Kevin.

We met in the most gorgeous home near Bragg Creek, Alberta and I was in awe. Heather from Orange Trunk Vintage Rentals greeted us with the sweetest goodie bags (I’ll be sure to tag the contributors at the bottom of this post!)

I love any chance to get together with women who share similar passions, so I would highly recommend The Orange Trunk Workshop for any of you ladies out there looking to create something beautiful!

Keep scrolling to read more about Ashia + Kevin’s love story!

I’ve had the privilege of photographing Ashia + Kevin a couple of times now, and have loved every minute of it. I met them back in December when we collaborated with some other vendors for a styled elopement shoot (which will be featured on Rocky Mountain Bride in June – yay!)

They are so sweet and their chemistry is visibly natural. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the last few months, and seeing their relationship grow through different seasons of their life together. In one of Ashia’s Instagram posts she described her and Kevin’s relationship.

“Kevin and I have been together for ten years. A whole decade of growth and change and challenges and love. We are completely different people than when we met, and I think that’s such an incredible thing; to get to know and love all of these different versions of each other.”

These two have a truly special bond, that anyone can see when they’re around them. That being said, I spent quite a bit of time editing this session – and I’ll explain why.

As I was initially looking through these photos from the workshop, I could see how special their connection was. I would spend some time working on the photos, only to be upset with the result, step away, and return to them days (sometimes even weeks) later. I wanted these images to truly reflect who Ashia + Kevin are as a couple.

The photos are grainy and black + white. The reason being, every time I stepped away from my computer I would visualize the photos in the most simple form. Almost as if they were old film photos, only showing the pure love these two share with no other distractions.

I guess my hope in all of this is that you see what I see when I photograph Ashia + Kevin. A simple, yet deep and intimate love. A love that nothing can separate. Two truly beautiful souls that fell in love ten years ago, and have grown into the couple they are today.

Planning & Workshop Host – Heather Johnston | The Open Trunk Workshop

Props/Planning/Styling – Heather Johnston | Orange Trunk

Couple – Ashia & Kevin Sanders

Lead Photographer – Meg Skalicky

HMUA – Robin | Avenue Beauty

Production & Creative Assistant – Chelsea Townsend | Coco & Ash Events

Lunch & Pizza Props – The Italian Farmhouse | Bragg Creek, Alberta

Coffee – Cinnamon Spoon | Bragg Creek, Alberta

Kimono – Lost in Layers

Goodie Bag Contributors

  • Bag – The Open Trunk Workshop
  • Magazines – Dote Magazine
  • Chips/Drink/Lip Chap – Box Smith
  • Kimono Discount Code – Lost in Layers

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